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$1 Off Each Item - Use Code DOLLAR
$1 Off Each Item - Use Code DOLLAR
Crafter's Tip: Save Money and Buy Practice Stamping Blanks

Crafter's Tip: Save Money and Buy Practice Stamping Blanks

Here's a hot little tip for metal stamping enthusiasts and artists alike. Whenever you get a brilliant and inspired new idea, don't use your best metal stamping blanks for laying out new ideas. Instead, consider buying practice metal stamping blanks! What's the difference? Well, only price, quantity and gauge.
We sell a number of thinner, brass blanks in large quantities that would be perfect for laying out and tweaking a new idea. While perfectly suitable for any final project or craft ideas, these are also so economically priced that you can afford to have a few mistakes, double impressions and downright bad design ideas.
Take these 16mm brass blanks, for example. You get 100 brass blanks regularly priced at $9.99. That's less than $0.10 a blank! You can't beat that price on the more expensive 24 and 18 gauge metal blanks. Guilt be gone! Practice away on these little gems.
Think about when you get a new metal stamp. Every stamp is different and has its sweet spots and difficult areas. When you're learning this new stamp, you don't want to try it out for the first time on your final product. Instead, try testing it out on a silver plated blank that's much less expensive. this pack, you can get 50, 1 inch silver plated stamping blanks for only $11.99. These are a little thicker than the brass practice blanks and give you a good feel for what your new stamp will do. So, bottom line, buy low priced brass and silver plated practice blanks for much, much less. Fortunately, you can buy practice blanks in bulk at wholesale prices right here at Craft Making Shop!
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