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$1 Off Each Item - Use Code DOLLAR
$1 Off Each Item - Use Code DOLLAR

About Us

My love of crafts began at a young age. I would accompany my mom to stores with names like “The Dusty Attic” to help her set up and restock her own craft booth (this is pre-Etsy, of course!). At first, I would roam the aisles more than help because; bless her heart, my mom would get lost for hours in her world of hearts on sticks, witches on broomsticks and given the season, angels on high.


She adored each of her creations made from recycled metal, beads, thread, glue and love. When I got old enough to handle a glue gun, she outsourced some of the easier tasks to me. It was then that I began to understand how wonderful crafting is for the soul. Creating something with your hands is just about the cheapest therapy an artist can buy!


As an adult, having inherited my mom’s entrepreneurial spirit and having found myself in a job I just didn’t love, I decided to return to what makes me happy. I opened an online craft supplies store providing a wonderful haven where creative geniuses and artist entrepreneurs can buy craft and jewelry making supplies for less.


We keep our prices low by keeping our staff small and by operating in an online-only capacity. Because our staff is small, I can guarantee you that we care more about the success of each and every transaction. Just try us!

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