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Metal Stamping: How Many Times Have You Smashed Your Thumb Today?

Metal Stamping Your ThumbMetal stamping your thumb instead of your stamps? Yea, well. That's bound to happen now and then. The combination of a one pound brass hammer, a 6mm stamp shaft and the fact that metal stamping just got really popular with newbies just begs for thumbs to be smashed nationwide. Yow! Its easy to forget to miss your thumb when you're busy lining up your letters and design stamps on teeny tiny metal blanks

We want to know, how many of you metal stamping artists are smashing your thumbs while you're making works of art? Its ok to admit it, you're likely in good company!

How Many Times Have You Smashed Your Thumb Today?
Zero. I'm a professional, thank you.
Once and I cried.
Once and I threw my tools down & walked away. I just walked away.
Twice. I don't want to talk about it.
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