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The Perfect Charm for Your Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace

Posted by Emma Harvey on

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon CharmThis pink ribbon breast cancer awareness charm is perfect for that charm necklace you've been planning to make! Don't put it off any longer, because now you've found the perfectly pink charm to complete your design. Just one of many breast cancer charms that we carry, this silver tone and pink enamel charm measures 20 x 9mm and has large ring on top with a 1.6mm hole. 


Celebrate that survivor or cancer fighter in your life with this precious bracelet or necklace charm. Couple this charm with a layered stamped blank celebrating that fighter's date of remission! Or pair it with a inspirational saying or message of hope and faith - use a stamped blank or a even second charm! 

Or create a precious commemorative necklace for the long, hard fought battles that were lost over the years. Remember your loved one every day, match this charm with a stamped blank or another charm with a message of love and peace. Show everyone how brave she was!

One way or the other, celebrate the strong women in your life with a personalized breast cancer charm necklace! Buy these charms in bulk for wholesale prices! 20 count packages for only $15.99!

breast cancer wholesale bulk charms
silver brave rectangle saying charm Love Hope Faith Saying Message Silver Charm 
Faith Saying Charm Silver Round

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