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How to Hang a Burlap Sack: DIY Home Decor Tutorial

Posted by Emma Harvey on

With the fall season upon us, burlap is becoming like... so hot. Seriously, its very popular. I'm seeing it everywhere on Pinterest and I am loving it! There's nothing as earthy, farm-y and just downright sentimental as burlap. I happen to decorate a great deal with burlap in my own home and am so excited to share this tutorial on how to decorate your empty wall space with a used, antique burlap sack. 

I found this burlap sack on I searched for weeks, set up daily email alerts and scrolled endlessly through bag after bag. I finally found this amazing gem! I was even more pleased with this burlap sack when it arrived!

Upon opening the packaging, bits of burlap puffed out with an amazing smell that made me think of long time use and age. The bag itself had this confused mess of a stitch on the bottom that increased the "one-of-a-kind" value to such a degree that I could hardly stand myself! 

So, I stuck it on the wall in a prominent spot in my living room. I literally stare at this daily and pat myself on the back for finding it!

Without further ado, here is how to make your own!

Download the PDF: How to Hang a Burlap Sack: DIY Home Decor Tutorial.

Watch the video: How to Hang a Burlap Sack!


  • 1 Sheet of 2' Foot x 4' Foot 1/4" Thick MDF Board
  • 1 Burlap Sack
  • 1 Sawtooth Hanger


  • Tack Hammer
  • Handsaw or Jigsaw
  • Needle & Thread

Step 1:

Lay the 1/4" MDF board flat on your work surface. Then, lay the burlap sack on top of the MDF board. Stretch it to its maximum size. Let the burlap sack rest.

You want the burlap sack to relax so that you can trace its exact, natural shape. Therefore, some ironing may be required if your sack is particularly wrinkly. 

Each burlap sack has its own warps and flaws and you want to capture those nuances so that it hangs naturally on the wall. You don't want the shape to be warped because your tracing was not accurate.

Step 2:

Closely trace the border of the burlap sack onto the MDF Board. 

Step 3:

With your handsaw or jigsaw, cut about 1/4" inside the line.

MDF is very soft, using a jigsaw or handsaw will make quick work of the cut! So, don't worry if you only have a handsaw - it won't be a beast of a project or too overwhelming to tackle. 



Step 4:

Slide the cut piece of MDF Board into the burlap sack. Make adjustments with sandpaper or your handsaw if it won't slide in easily. However, try to keep the shape as close to the burlap sack's original shape and inner dimension as possible. You won't want your bag to be stretched in odd places or saggy in others.

Step 5:

Once you've successfully slid the semi-rigid MDF Board into the burlap sack, you'll need to sew the top of the back closed. I used a thread made for canvas, but I truly think any type or weight of thread that matches the color of your burlap sack will do just fine.

Again, sew the top of the bag closed so that the lip of the bag does not hang down and reveal the MDF Board.


Step 6:

Flip the whole project over so that back side is facing up. Near the top, find the horizontal center of the burlap sack. Hammer in the sawtooth hanger.

Step 7: 

Hang and enjoy!


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