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How to Make a Pallet Wood Arrow: CMS Ideas

Posted by Emma Harvey on

This upcycled arrow decor is the perfect statement piece for your dining room or living room wall! Looking to redecorate? Make this DIY fence wood or pallet wood arrow to make your new design arrangement pop!  Great for indoor or outdoor living spaces, because let's face it - the wood's already aged and a little worse for wear! Am I right? 

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Materials you'll need for this Pallet Wood Arrow:

  • 5-6' feet of 1x4" inch Wood
  • Wood Glue
  • 1 Sawtooth Hanger
  • 6 - 3/8" Corrugated Fasteners

Equipment needed:

  • Miter Saw or Handsaw with Miter Box
  • Handsaw
  • Measuring Tape
  • 12" Quick Grip Clamps (2 or More)
  • Sandpaper

Step 1: Making the Arrow Body

The arrow body is made up on one solid piece of lumber. Designing it this way makes the finished piece sturdier and, thankfully, easier to assemble! 

To make the body of the arrow cut a 32 inch segment from the best section of your pallet wood. 

Set your miter saw to 45°. Make one angled cut at the top of the board. Flip the board across the short dimension. Align the board so that the second angled cut strikes through the center of the board and cut again.

It should look like this when you've finished your first two cuts:


Now, for the bottom of the arrow body. Draw a light 2" inch center line starting at the bottom of the board. This will give you a visual as to where the center of the board is for when you make your cuts. Draw a 65° angle cut line centered over the center line you just drew.

Cut these lines out with a handsaw. Sand the rough parts down until smooth.


It should look like this when you're done:

Step 2: Making the Arrow Tip

While your miter saw is set to a 45° angle, cut a fresh angle on the end of the remaining wood.

Cut a straight edge 2.75 inches, measured from the tip of the angle, to create a small triangle.



You should have two pieces that look like this:

Step 3: Making the Arrow Feathers

Set your miter saw to a 25° angle. Cut 4 identical 2" inch slices.

  x 4 =


Step 4: Assemble the Pieces Together!

Apply wood glue to the two small triangle edges that will be affixed to the arrow body. Clamp in place. If you only have 2 quick grip clamps to use, you'll want to do the tip of the arrow and the bottom of the arrow in stages.

Then, apply wood glue to the four small feather pieces on the edges that will be affixed to the arrow body. Clamp in place.


While everything is clamped, hammer in one 3/8" Corrugated Fastener for each glued joint.




Once the glue has dried and you have removed the clamps, affix the sawtooth hanger with two small tack nails. You can affix the hanger so that the arrow hangs vertically or horizontally. If you hang it horizontally, be sure to do a balance check as the back end will be significantly heavier than the tip of the arrow. You might consider two sawtooth hangers if you display it horizontally.


Step 5: Hang It!

And you're finished! Hang it proudly and tell everyone that you made it yourself!


Want to print this project tutorial? Get the free PDF Download!

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