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How to Age Wood: CMS Ideas

Posted by Emma Harvey on

An overwhelmingly popular DIY trend right now is to use old fence wood, old pallets or pallet wood. I've often wondered where exactly everyone's getting all this pallet wood! Companies that deliver their goods on pallets don't exactly throw out perfectly good, intact pallets...

I just can't get over the thought that those cute, inspired pallets projects featured on Pinterest and other crafting blogs are possibly made from stolen pallets! How else are these people getting perfect shipping pallets? 

Naughty! Oh so naughty.

Maybe I'm just not in the know. Questionable moral judgment aside, the question still remains, what if you don’t have access to pallets or old wood? Better yet, what if you don’t want someone else’s old, stinky wood in your home? Even still, what if you’re just not hardcore enough to heave a pile of dirty, rotting fence wood into your car? 

No problem! You’re certainly not alone. 

While its always great to reduce, reuse and recycle – we’re here to tell you that you CAN use new wood and still get that old wood, worldly look! Yay! The process pretty simple and doesn’t require power tools or synthetic stains or materials! Double yay!

Get the full materials list, step-by-step guide here:

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